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Starscreen Fabric



An innovative fabric, unique in its type because of its technical qualities. Since it is not PVC coated, it has a nice textile touch, that together with its dimensional stability, makes it perfect in appearance and particularly suitable for the furnishing and architectural world.

Thanks to its solution dyed PET fibre, TEMPOTEST STARSCREEN® can be used both indoor and outdoor, without losing its original colour, helping to preserve the beauty of the building envelope as well as the interior. The carefully calculated transparency removes solar glare, without restricting light to the environment. This leads to a significant reduction in the use of air conditioning and artificial light, and therefore important to energy conservation.
Ensuring transparency from inside whilst shading the view to people from outside, this fabric is suitable for projects where privacy in confidential places like offices and houses is a requirement. The Teflon treatment makes TEMPOTEST STARSCREEN® repellent to water, stain and dirt, so is easy to maintain and clean.

TEMPOTEST STARSCREEN® is classified flame retardant in Class 1 according to Italian law, M1 according to French regulation, and B1 according to German norms. Like the complete range of TEMPOTESTSTAR products, STARSCREEN® is also recyclable, in accordance with REACH regulation and is formaldehyde free.
Tempotest is 100% made in Italy.


Starscreen-Beige 8929/400


Starscreen-Dark Grey 8097/400

Starscreen-Dark Grey

Starscreen-Light Grey 8079/400

Starscreen-Light Grey

Starscreen-White 8015/400