Tempotest Fabric

PARÀ PRODUCTS All Parà fabrics are soil and mould resistant as well as oil and water repellant with a Teflon finish. These fabrics all come with an 8 year guarantee (awning) and 6 year guarantee (Home & Marine), each range is treated in different ways to accomodate for the specific uses of these fabrics. Branded Parà Tempotest fabrics benefit from a finishing process developed in partnership with Dupont™ Teflon. This nanometric particle surface treatment is the fruit of research by Parà for the application of solar protection. All Para tempotest finishing technology uses a finish that forms a molecular barrier surrounding each fibre, providing a double-action protection self-cleaning system that repels water and oil-based stains. When marks form, the highly repellent component contained in the nanoscale barrier helps water and rain to wash away the dirt. Marks are eliminated from the fabric so its beauty and performance are preserved unaltered, as well its effectiveness and wear over time. The Parà Industrial Group is a family company founded in 1920. For three generations it has been manufacturing beautiful high-quality fabrics for awnings, indoor and outdoor decoration and marine applications. Parà meets all the demands and needs of the largest textile producers, wholesalers, distributors, manufacturers and furniture producers from all over the world.

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